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We are dedicated to protecting the constitutional right to abortion. Louisiana has enacted—and spent millions of dollars defending—an anti-abortion law that it knows is unconstitutional. The law is identical to a Texas law that was struck down by the Supreme Court just three years ago. If allowed to take effect, the law would force all but one of Louisiana’s remaining abortion clinics to close, leaving only one doctor to provide abortion care to nearly one million women of reproductive age in the state.

The Court’s decision in this case will have profound effects beyond Louisiana. If the law is allowed to take effect, anti-abortion politicians across the United States will be further emboldened to pass unconstitutional laws and onerous restrictions.

Abortion is a constitutionally protected right, and access should never depend on where you live. As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in this case, we must stand together and make our voices heard. Join the #MyRightMyDecision campaign today to stay up to date on the case and be the first to know about ways you can take action to protect abortion rights.